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FIDO pup-knot cocksheath OXBALLS

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FIDO pup-knot cocksheath OXBALLS
В наличииFIDO pup-knot cocksheath OXBALLS
1 012 грн.961,40 грн.
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A whole new bone to wag…FIDO puppy-dick cocksheath is a fat fleshy cocksheath shaped like an animal‘s meat…this fucker even has a thick knot in the middle…the tip is small and the entire thing is slick and glossy for smooth entry. FIDO is made from our signature FLEX-TPR and is designed to mold to your dick like a second skin, transforming it into the ultimate pup pucker stuffer. Coat the inside with lube, pop your meat in the sheath, pull your nuts through the sling, and you’re ready to pound a puppy! FIDO’s soft material and hollow inner chamber create a sloppy suckin’ sensation that works your cock while you work over his greased up hungry hole. For some serious grip on your meat, we recommend “burping” out any excess air by tightly squeezing the length of FIDO down to the base.If you want a tighter fit or more suction grip, FIDO comes with a nub insert that is designed to “lock” into the hollow chamber to shorten the inner length.The built in dick-sling and suction grip keeps your doggy-dong plumped and FIDO melded to your meat no matter how hard you’re humpin’ a hungry hole. FIDO feels fuckin’ hot swingin’ between your legs on all fours or sinkin’ furry balls deep up some bitch in heat.Wear one to your next mosh and watch the drool commence…Info:Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLSFLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate freeLube safe: water-basedStats:Overall Length: 9.25”Inner Core Length: 7"Insertable Length: 8” Circumference: 5.5" up to 7.5"
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  • Цена: 961,40 грн.